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          I enjoy smoking, relaxing, and meditating! I believe that all problems have solutions. The snake pipe was one of my first innovations. When my father caught me using it he said something like, "You can come up with new ways to smoke! Why can't you come up with a way to cure cancer or something!" Well I am happy to say that I have found many ways to cure cancer now! Although, I could not leave the snake on the shelf it is too much fun! Snake pipes make HUGE tokes go down like air with a head rush as the toke is released. Only letting half the toke out, inhaling some air, and letting the rest of the toke go is fun too!

          I am an innovative rebel scientist with a background in a broad range of fields including unified physics, human anatomy and physiology, oncology, microbiology, geology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, psychology, sociology, politics, and philosophy. I have accomplished great things in the realms of social and physical sciences. I tapped the collective unconscious to unify physics and open up the gateway to many great technologies. Of course great technologies still need great funding to rise into existence. I am now helping people relax and cure cancers!
          I am trying to get funding to begin unified physics experiments. I am also here to help everybody use and benefit from my websites. The products and services are here for you to benefit from and enjoy. I believe that earth can become a better place, even with some crazy leaders and groups in places around the globe. I hope that I live to see the beginning of a big change in capitalism as material possessions and supplies become nearly effortless to create with replicators, but I would like to see an end to world hunger first! As replicators are created, the dollar will be worth more with all products costing much less to create. Then we can also end all waste with creation of disintegrators. The new job industry that will open up due to unified physics will be manned deep space exploration missions as space ships will be able to travel many times the speed of light!


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