Isaac Lasley is not liable nor responsible for what people smoke out of snake pipes or any negative consequences that may result!! Most of these herbs can also be made into teas to enjoy the effects!!! Use a tea ball, or just add

1-2 teaspoons of an herb to a teacup, add boiling water, then put a saucer or paper plate over the top for 15-20 min so the herbal mix can be steeped correctly. You can also just put the herbs in a tea cup, fill it with water,

cover the top, and microwave it for 2 1/2 - 5 minutes. Sip then feel effects within 45min or an hour.

Enjoy Isaac Lasley's Tea &

Smoking Blends Today!!

          Sometimes, there's a lot of confusion over which herbal smoking products are which, especially because there seems to be a growing number of terms for them. In short, almost all of them mean the same thing. Before we go any further, though, please note that none of the smoking herbs we offer through our Herbal Smoke Shop are intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug, legal or otherwise, and we make no claims whatsoever in relation to any of the products. Please do not ask about whether any of the herbal smoking products we offer mimic the effects of any other product. We offer each one of these to be enjoyed for their own pleasurable taste and unique properties.
          We focus on herbal smoking blends of traditional herbs and blends used, at times, for thousands of years in shamanic and Native American traditions, as well as rituals in Africa, India, and elsewhere. We offer our own favorite blends as well as herbal buds and blends from a select few manufacturers based on the ones we have found to be most enjoyable and pleasant-tasting. None of our products contain any of the dangerous chemicals or other additives that appeared on the market for a while. We're proud to offer herbal smoking blends that are completely legal everywhere in the world.
          Although many of the exotic botanicals used in these herbal smokes have long histories of use, due to FDA regulations, we make no claims in regards to the effects of these products on the human body. Furthermore, none of our herbal smoke blends are intended to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease.

That being said, there are really four main types of herbal smoking blends:

          FLOWER BUDS: These come in 2 forms. One is a real flower bud, harvested from a real plant. The other is a “pressed” bud that is held together by some sort of natural bonding agent such as cellulose (the same thing that the “glue” on rolling papers is made from). Both appear as real "buds", but only a few are actual buds from a single plant. Many blends from places like International Oddities seem to be based on well-known herbs such as Wild Dagga and Wild Lettuce, and come in varying types. The real flowers can be made into tea.
          SMOKING BLENDS: These are everything else. Anyone can make claims as to the potency of their herbal smoking blends, but the only ones we offer here, are based on solid historical data, recipes, and intensive research into the most effective blends with tangible effects. If something only has a placebo effect, or if the herbal smoke isn’t tasty and enjoyable; we don’t offer it. These can also be made into teas.
          BURNING BLENDS: This is something that we thought of many years ago. These are more versatile, as they can be rolled into cigarettes and smoked as an herbal smoking blend or burned as an incense. These exclusive blends typically don't have herbal extracts as our smoking blends do; they are recipes with natural herbs in them, made from pure leaves only. These blends can be made into teas.

         SMOKING SOLIDS: These are composed of herbs and natural resins that make them more intense and enjoyable. There are a few different types, with blends all based upon ancient recipes that helped our ancestors to better connect with various levels of perception! The smoking solids can be burned as an aromatherapy or smoked for more intense effects.
          We have our own personal favorites, but to pick a Top Seller would be impossible. Those looking for tasty smokes gravitate towards our Blueberry Buds, while others who want to use their herbal buds as a base for flavor enhancers often choose our A'hia Buds. Then, the blends we carry in our Herbal Smoke Shop with the most potent blend of herbs in them are, as usual, our Daganda and Lucid Blends, both of which come in colorful packaging, complete with rolling papers, and as with all our products at the shop; backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Enjoy $71 - $100 Blends!!

gallery/arabian brown

WARNING: Smoking of any kind is dangerous to one’s health, even if it's a chemical-free herbal smoking blend like the products we offer here. Be Aware That Any Of Our Products Containing California Poppy May Cause User To Have A False Positive Drug Test For Opiates!

Do Not Operate Machinery After Using These Products!!

          Get Many Herbal Blends Here Including: Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate, Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate, Blue Dream Kush Herbal Hybrid Buds, Bubble Gum Kush, Dutch Haze Bud, Emerald Green Solid Concentrate, Hawaiian Haze, Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate, Hybrid Nuggets, Inner Vision, Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate, Jamaican Gold Bud, KanZak, Maui Hybrid Buds, Orange Krush Bud, Osha Root, Peace Pipe Blend, Sinicuichi, Wild Dagga, Wild Dagga Flowers (Lion's Ear), And Wild Lettuce On This Page.

Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate
          This is composed of all the resins of the worlds most POTENT legal herbs. This arabian solid is of the HIGHEST quality, appearing dark in color, with shiny spots where the resin dried from it's liquid state when being made. The smoke is sweet, not too harsh at all, and very, very effective. No wonder why this solid herbal concentrate is quickly becoming one of our best selling solid smokes! An herb grinder works great with this product and all Solid Concentrates.
          Notice: By fda law, we can not label this product as Herbal Hash, a Hash Alternative, or Herbal Hashish. These products are not Hash. They are legal herbal solid concentrates and all possess a strong great tasting smoke!
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $78, 4 oz $175, 8 oz $245

Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate

Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate
          Not for the weak! This blend is 100% natural and contains high-grade essential oils and resin extracts imported from India. It's truly one of the best solid herbal smokes and has now been sold for over 8 years. Ultra potent very flavorful smoke, compiled of ultra thick concentrated choice exotic herbal oils and resins. Another big returning customer favorite! Can be smoked alone, or mixed with another herbal smoke. Let the Magic Begin with this premium solid smoking concentrate. Can be smoked alone, or mixed with another herbal smoke. 50 States legal! Herb Grinders are very helpful with Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate. Notice: By fda law, we can not label this product as Herbal Hash, a Hash Alternative, or Herbal Hashish. These products are not Hash. They are legal herbal solid concentrates and all possess a strong great tasting smoke!
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $75, 4 oz $155, 8 oz $260

Black Magic Solid Concentrate

Bluedream Kush Herbal Hybrid Buds
          This Bluedream Herbal Hybrid's for you! Beautiful Herbal Hybrid Buds with hint of blueberry scent, filled with gorgeous red hairs make this new exotic herbal smoke one of our top choices for an "all bud" smoke! Blueberry Herbal Hybrid is composed of 100% legal exotic herbs, this bud produces one potent, sweet smelling, super relaxing smoke! EXTREMELY SATISFYING and of the absolute HIGHEST QUALITY, the smoke from this legal bud is sure to impress ANY herbal smoker. Enjoy your Bluedream Kush in a Glass pipe, Wooden Pipe, Vaporizer, or roll an herbal blunt. Made Of  Wild Dagga, Wild Hops, Leonurus Sibiricus herb, and Wild Lettuce.
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $165, 8 oz $200, 16 oz $325

Bluedream Kush Herbal Hybrid Buds

Bubble Gum Kush
          One of the newest strain of legal bud we offer. It features a potent smoke and sweet smelling bubble gum aroma! This bud smokes super smooth and is composed of chunks of bud with small red and pink hairs. Awesome smell as soon as you open the bag. Bubble Gum Kush is a great introduction to our legal herbal bud smokes for anyone who enjoys fresh herbs and amazing fruity bubble gum aromas. Bubble Gum Kush is a hybrid all natural bud smoke that grows wild in thailand and several other asian islands. This bud is not available anywhere else! 50 States legal!
1/2 oz $66, 1 oz $78, 4 oz $165, 8 oz $210, 16 oz $405

gallery/bubblegum kush
Bubblegum Kush

Dutch Haze Bud
The #1 Selling Legal Bud in the World!
          Dutch Green Bud looks amazing with huge sticky bright green buds of the HIGHEST QUALITY, tastes great, smells even better and produces an ultra-potent extremely satisfying smoke, to say the least. Formulated with hydroponically grown legal herbs for maximum taste, flavor, smell, and smoker satisfaction! Smoke great in Vaporizer, Pipes, or Rolled into herbal blunts!
          Dutch Green Bud smokers return to purchase this product 9 times out of 10 for a reason. According to MANY returning customers, when it comes to herbal smokes and legal buds, this product is "The Total Bomb!" Super taste and potent smell with a smooth burning, very satisfying smoke that is kind to the soul! Our customers simply can't stop raving about this amazing 100% legal bud. ingredients include: poppy flowers,chesteya bud, hybrid strains of wild dagga buds, flowers, Leonurus Sibiricus extract. Dutch Green Bud is sure to provide any smoker an extremely pleasurable smoking experience!
1/2 oz $66, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $200, 8 oz $250, 16 oz $400

Dutch Haze Bud

Emerald Green Solid Concentrate
          This is a potent, powerful, bright green colored solid smoke composed of a variety of potent amazonian herbs and resins world reknown for their extremely satisfying qualities and relaxing smoke. This smoke has a very uplifting quality and will impress you to say the least. Emerald green is enjoyed by many repeat customers each day, and is one of our top herbal solid smokes. An Herb grinder works great with emerald green and all of our exotic herbal solid concentrates.
          Notice: By fda law, we can not label this product as Herbal Hash, a Hash Alternative, or Herbal Hashish. These products are not Hash. They are legal herbal solid concentrates and all possess a strong great tasting smoke!
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $140, 8 oz $220

gallery/emerald green
Emerald Green Solid Concentrate

Hawaiian Haze
One Of Our Top Selling Legal Buds!!
          An ultra potent all bud smoke. Hawaiian Haze is a rare strain of exotic hawaiian herbal buds grown in the rich volcanic soil of Hawaii. The world's strongest legal bud. Ultra Potent. Hawaiian Haze Bud is sure to provide any smoker an extremely pleasurable smoking experience!
          Over 100 lbs a month flown in FRESH from the island of hawaii! Grown from our huge reserve in hawaii and seen in our ad in high times and voted the world's best 100% legal smokes by top smoking magazine readers 7 years in a row for it's extremely POTENT smoke and uncanny smell & appearance. Freshly Picked and bagged directly from our 2000 acre reserve in Hawaii! Unlike any other herbal bud available today, the smoke is ultra potent, and very fresh. Tastes great and purchased by thousands of satisfied repeat customers, making this one of our top herbal smokes and the #1 selling legal bud in the world! Hawaiian Haze is all bud and always Ultra Fresh. Hawaiian Haze Buds burn smooth in a pipe, vaporizer, or rolled with paper or smoked in your favorite smoking device. Herbal Smoke Rating: Incredibly enjoyable, substantially potent smoke, that is extremely satisfying. The world's best legal herbal bud, period.
1/2 oz $65, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $165, 8 oz $210, 16 oz $410

Hawaiian Haze

Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate
          A wonderful smoke! Super potent thick resin. Moroccan Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate. This solid concentrate won best alternative Solid Concentrate product in top smoking magazines 4 years in a row! It is yet another one of our returning customer favorites~! Golden Blonde in Color, it tastes great, is very potent, and ultra smooth. Burns very well.
          Notice: By fda law, we can not label this product as Herbal Hash, a Hash Alternative, or Herbal Hashish. These products are not Hash. They are legal herbal solid concentrates and all possess a strong great tasting smoke!
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $140, 8 oz $250

Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate

Hybrid Nuggets
          These buds are composed of carefully chosen hand picked ultra-potent herbs of the highest quality. Hybrid Nuggets are quickly becoming one of our top sellers virtually overnight. Cultivated in the U.S.A., the herbs used to formulate these HIGHLY SATISFYING BUDS were carefully researched for their amazing properties. The end result was the creation of one of the world's best herbal smoking buds. Hybrid Nuggets smoke beautifully in any smoking device or rolled with papers. 50 States legal!
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $185, 8 oz $215, 16 oz $340

gallery/hybrid nuggets
Hybrid Nuggets

Inner Vision
Meditative Smoke. Stimulate Your State of Mind...
Ingredients include artemesia vulgaris, tagetes, scotch broom tops, artemisia absinthium, sage, star of bethlehem, and mentha. It Is A Good Relaxing Blend. Makes Great Tea!
1/2 oz $30, 1 oz $36, 4 oz $90

Inner Vision

Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate Smoke
          Our newest solid smoke, Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate is made with the extracts and resins of our world famous Blueberry Hybrid Buds. This solid is not for lightweights! Very smooth, easy to smoke, very tasty with a hint of blueberry scent, and ULTRA POTENT, blueberry solid is by far one of the world's best legal alternative smokes, and quickly becoming another Herbal Smoke Shop returning customer favorite. Only Available at the original Herbal Smoke Shop! 100% legal ingredients: Extracts & Resins of Wild Dagga, Wild Hops, Leonurus Sibiricus herb,Wild Lettuce
          Notice: By fda law, we can not label this product as Herbal Hash, a Hash Alternative, or Herbal Hashish. These products are not Hash. They are legal herbal solid concentrates and all possess a strong great tasting smoke!
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $140, 8 oz $240

gallery/jamacan blueberry
Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate Smoke

Jamaican Gold Bud
          Bright green buds of the absolute Highest Quality. Incredibly Fresh, Ultra potent smoke, this bud is composed of a hybrid strains of Wild clip dagga, Leonurus sibiricus, Kanna, Sinicuichi and lactuca virosa, all traditionally used for their EXTREMELY PLEASUREABLE SMOKING properties. This hybrid bud produces a smooth tasting, extremely potent easy burning smoke, which is not only tasty with a unique exotic herbal smell, but is EXTREMELY satisfying. No matter what type of smoking experience you are looking for, you will NOT be disappointed with Jamaican Gold Bud. Jamaican Gold Bud smokes great in your favorite smoking device, vaporizer, glass pipe, or rolled with cigarette papers. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this legal herbal "smoke of the gods" today.
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $170, 8 oz $210, 16 oz $340

Jamaican Gold Bud

          Composed of 100% Kanna Mood enlighting herb. Kanna is a herb from Africa has been used for the enhancing properties of it's smoke . Kanzak is a great aid to help decrease in anxiety & stress.
Do not use if you are taking any medication & read instructions before use.
1 Gram $55, 3 Grams $100, 5 Grams $135


Maui Hybrid Buds
          Maui Hybrid tropical bud import features an incredibly potent smell and EXTREMELY SATISFYING SMOKE. Maui Hybrid Bud is directly imported fresh from island of Maui for optimal potency. A soft, multi-red haired, dense bud, with a wonderful sweet aroma which is so fresh it is actually a bit sticky to the touch. This product smokes great in your favorite herbal smoking device, vaporizer, pipe, or rolled with a cigarette paper. It has a potent flavorful smoke, which provides a very relaxing smoking experience. We recommend this product for anyone who is looking to enjoy an extremely pleasurable smoke of premium tropical herbal bud, one of the best in the world. A best seller for over 4 consecutive years. 100% legal, 100% natural with nothing added. Check out one of our repeat customer's favorite tropical bud imports!
1/2 oz $60, 1 oz $80, 4 oz $170, 8 oz $210, 16 oz $340

Maui Hybrid Buds

Orange Krush Bud
          This Blend features one of the most potent smokes we have ever sold! This bud smokes super smooth and is composed of chunks of bud with small red hairs. It has a hint of orange that you will notice as soon as you break open the bag. This is a great introduction to our legal herbal smokes that will please even the most jaded smoker. Great for Vapes, Pipes, or rolled into Herbal Blunts!
          Orange Krush is a hybrid all natural legal bud that grows wild in the peruvian jungles and several tropical islands. This bud is not available anywhere else! We have the exclusive rights to sell this product from our harvesters in South America.
1/2 oz $66, 1 oz $88, 4 oz $170, 8 oz $210, 16 oz $410

Orange Krush Bud

Peace Pipe Smoking Blend
          Peace Pipe Smoking Blend is a mixture of nine relaxing herbs. These herbs have been specially blended to provide a peaceful and pleasurable smoking experience. Peace Pipe contains the following: Lobelia inflata (Indian Tobacco), Verbascum thapsis (Mullein Leaf), Humulus lupuius (Hops Flower), Passiflora incarnata (Passion Flower), Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Leonotis leonurus (Wild Dagga), Turnera diffusa (Damiana), Mentha piperita (Peppermint), and Mentha spicata (Spearmint).

          Peace Pipe contains the following:
-Indian Tobacco provides a sedative and euphoric effect. It also stimulates the respiratory system.
-Mullein has a relaxing, sedative effect, and has a great opening effect on the lungs.
-Hops Flower relaxes the smooth muscles and has a sedative effect.
-Passion Flower has a tranquilizing, sedative and anti-anxiety effect.
-Lemon Balm has a sedative, antispasmodic, and antidepressant effect.
-Wild Dagga promotes euphoria and exuberance. It is used as a Cannabis substitute by the Hottentot tribe of South Africa.
-Damiana has a relaxing, euphoric effect, and an ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac.
-Peppermint is soothing, aromatic, and flavorful. It promotes relaxation and stimulates respiration.
-Spearmint is relaxing, aromatic, and flavorful.
15 grams $30, 30 grams $50, 90 grams $75, 500 grams $200

gallery/peace pipe smoking blend
Peace Pipe Smoking Blend

Sinicuichi (Sun Opener), heimia salicifolia
          This is very new to most people. Native in Highlands from Mexico to Northern Argentina, Sinicuichi is an interesting and ancient divination plant, but one of the least known in the Western world. The natives believe that sinicuichi has sacred or supernatural qualities, since they hold that it helps them recall events which took place many years earlier as if they had happened yesterday; others assert that they are able, with sinicuichi, to remember pre-natal events. Makes Great Tea!
1 oz $25, 4 oz $50, 8 oz $80

Sinicuichi (Sun Opener), Heimia salicifolia

Wild Dagga - Lion's Tail, leonotis leonurus
          This dried Wild Dagga is wildcrafted and harvested sustainably. This is another product that we buy directly from the growers, who still work with this plant for themselves to this day. This unusually aromatic Leonotis leonurus (Lion's Tail) leaf is often preferred by our customers, and gets the most repeat customers; partially because we offer it at such a reduced price. We want to encourage as much sustainable harvesting of this particular Wild Dagga as we can, so offering it allows us to buy more from the growers. Makes Great Tea!
1 oz $26, 4 oz $50, 16 oz $100

gallery/wild dagga (leonotis leonurus)
Wild Dagga - Lion's Tail (Leonotis Leonurus)

Wild Dagga Flowers (Lion's Ear)
          Found only in a small section of South Africa as well as India, these flowers are part of our "Private Reserve" offerings that no other vendor offers. Find our WILD DAGGA LEAF, RESINS, & TINCTURES Category that explains the difference between the two main strains of Wild Dagga. This variety contains the large SEED PODS, which is what separates this stronger strain from the weaker Lion's Tail strain. Notice that the photos of each product are different, and there's a reason for this: Lion's Tail is weaker and less expensive (but still a very nice product). Many vendors we've found try to "pass off" that less expensive variety as "THE" infamous "Klip Dagga" variety. These are genuine Leonotis nepetifolia flowers! Makes Great Tea!
7 grams $25, 14 grams $50, 28 grams $75

gallery/wild dagga flower's - lion's ear
Wild Dagga Flowers (Lion's Ear)

Wild Lettuce, lactuca
Anesthetic and Sleep Aid Herbal Smoke
          Often found written as the names Bitter Letuce and Opium Lettuce, Wild Lettuce Leaf was widely used in the 19th century among many doctors as a sedative when opium could not. It also experienced a resurgence of popularity in the 1970s, where it was widely used recreationally for those psychotropic properties it possesses that are similar to opium, despite the fact that the leaf contains no opiates. The greens are also sometime harvested and added to salads, with the leaves having a somewhat more bitter taste.
          Medicinally, many herbalists still prescribe it as an anesthetic and sleep aid. The oils extracted from the leaf are sometimes used in a tea to aid in sleep, with other drinks sometimes being fashioned for this purpose by soaking the leaves in alcohol.
          Recreationally, wild lettuce leaf is also quite popular in alternative smoking blends, where the psychotropic and sedative qualities help the smoker relax. Wild Lettuce Leaf was also often used among Native Americans as part of rituals, where it helped to achieve visions and trance states, as well as aided in more vivid dreams. Makes Great Tea!
1 oz $24, 4 oz $40, 16 oz $75

gallery/wild lettuce
Wild Lettuce, Lactuca
gallery/i lasley

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